In 2013, Wales Rally GB returned to the hallowed stages of North Wales, where it earned It's title, rally of legends.

Concept, Branding, Digital Artwork

Produced at View Creative Agency

With it's return to North Wales, International Motorsport wanted to give Wales Rally GB a new look, and gave View Creative Agency a chance to pitch for the work. Being a car nut I jumped at the chance to pitch an idea, and when "Rally of Legends" was mentioned, I knew exactly what I needed to docreate an image of a giant fiery Welsh dragon—the ultimate Welsh legend—emerging through the clouds over the Snowdonian mountains, with a rally driver racing away from his impending doom, of course. International Motorsport were totally cool with an awesome dragon terrorising the landscape and chasing after a rally car. Awesome dragon wins.

In 2014 the artwork needed a minor update to introduce a new cover car, so I obviously took the chance to add more fire, and over the past three years I've had the opportunity to design a whole range of material for Wales Rally GB, from web and print ads to vehicle wraps and castle projections.