The guys at SwordChomp had two requirements—there had to be a sword, and it had to be chompy.


SwordChomp is made up of a group of four friends, who come together to discuss the world of gaming through their podcast, awesomely named Chompcast. They needed both an overall brand, and a sub-brand for the podcast itself, all wrapped in a gamer friendly style. I started developing custom typefaces with a fantasy RPG influence, and settled on a chunky blackletter inspired type which had the right balance between seriousness and fun.

Then came the most fun part—swords! Intending to narrow it down to a single one, five were developed into their final form, each with their own kind of toothy, bitey, chompy nature, whether that be a sharp maw built into the hilt, or a pointy-toothed spirit encased within the blade itself. To emphasise the chomp, there's evidence that the swords might like biting chunks out of each other.

The whole design was tied together with a pixelated effect—inspired by retro games and the comeback of pixel art styles—and a lairy colour palette, all together creating a fun brand that sits somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy, aiming to appeal to fans of all types of gaming.