Positive metal that contemplates our place in the universe, from North Wales' Rosen Bridge.


Rosen Bridge, North Wales' latest and greatest metal band, happens to be made up of some of my closest friends and old bandmates, so when they came to me asking for a new logo and EP cover I knew we were about to create something awesome.

With a name like Rosen Bridge, taken from the wormhole theory, and positive themes behind the music, space and our place in the universe became a central theme behind the artwork. This is the kind of stuff that gets me excited—nerdy space stuff, science and metal!

The technical, analytic graphics fed into the design of the logo, creating a look that doesn't suffer the usual pitfalls of cliché metal band logos. As well as the logo and EP cover, the artwork was developed into a poster to promote their first major gig, and the brand applied to their merch.

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