Off Road Jib takes the cumbersome and static camera jib and makes it mobile.


The Off Road Jib is a difficult concept to explain when people aren't familiar with what a "jib" is. And even those people who do know what a jib is and work with them every day in the film and TV industry may just say "we can set up our jib off-road anyway". But then when you finally see what the Off Road Jib is, it all makes sense.

This is the sole reason the logo for the Off Road Jib brand was created as a stylised representation of the off road Gator vehicle, with it's full functioning camera jib mounted on the back. Imagine having to dismantle and reassemble a big camera crane every time you wanted to move the shot. Now imagine having that create mounted to the back of a moving platform that can be driven where needed. It's a simple, elegant solution that is strong and dependable, qualities that had to be captured in the solid, bold brand.