Wrecko Studios needed an epic brand for their epic RPG MageRift, a game set in a world where magic reigns supreme.


Once in a while a project comes up that calls for the kind of work that you've been itching to work on and gets you incredibly excited. One such project is MageRift, an RPG developed by Wrecko Studios, an indie game developer based in Montreal, Canada. Developed for iPad, the game uses a unique gesture based magic system, making the player feel way more engrossed and involved in the casting of spells.

The guys at Wrecko had a good idea of the themes they wanted to capture in their logo and icon, and also the level they wanted to pitch the game at, so I started with developing a unique typeface and turned this into a detailed, high quality 3D logo that felt ancient and mythic. The Phoenix is a key symbol in the world of MageRift, as is the magical teal coloured flame, so an aggressive 3D crest was called for, one that matched the ferocity and attitude of the game.