To combat the flooded vape juice market, Folklore needed a brand that had the ferocity of a mythical beast.

Branding Illustration Packaging Web design

Every day the vape juice market is filled with all kinds of new and unregulated products, and Folklore Flavor Co. has set out to correct the balance and provide a safe option made from 100% food grade ingredients and with no allergens.

To match their forward thinking and strong vision, an equally strong and fierce brand was created. It has its origins in ancient folklore and myth from around the globe, from the iconic Chimera of ancient Greece to the universal myth of the Bogeyman. The custom type of the logo itself was inspired by Nordic runes and Native American markings.

Everything from the logo to the bottle labels to the website were designed together to create one cohesive, awesomely badass brand that could not be ignored and got the product noticed.