Chatmageddon, a mobile game that encourages you to launch virtual missiles at your friends for maximum humiliation and annoyance.


The guys at Future Sick were looking for a brand and image that would convey exactly what their game is about, and to roll this out over web, social media and also within the game itself. Being a self-confessed gamer nerd I jumped at the chance.

The aim of the game is to launch missiles of various flavours at your friends. Some missiles require a simple mini-game to counter, but others are a little more tricky. Take the shaker missile, where the only way to defend against it is to vigorously shake your phone for an extended time; imagine your friend trying to 'defend himself' under the table at a dinner with the in-laws. Or maybe the heat-seeker, which you'll need to run down the street to avoid. Explain that to your boss mid-meeting.

So how do you illustrate a game that plays out in real-time, at all times, between friends all over the world, but also exists entirely virtually? You create a chaotic fictional city that's being obliterated by the players' virtual missiles, which are being launched from their phones, of course.