Portfolio Update: Motorsport Edition

Whilst working on my latest portfolio update, I noticed a distinct theme: Motorsport. Here's an overview of the latest car-heavy projects that have been added!



Cambrian Rally 2016

First up is the latest Cambrian Rally artwork, created for the 2016 rally held back in February. Now I've covered this artwork in my last blog post where I took a look back at the last three years of Cambrian Rally artwork. This project was an absolute blast to work on, allowing me to stretch my legs in both Illustrator and Photoshop, creating a sort of hybrid of the styles I created in 2014 and 2015.

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Wales Rally GB 2016

Wales Rally GB has a very special place in my heart. It was the first big tender I'd landed back when I was working at View Creative Agency and it was won through perseverance and a belief that what I was creating was right for the project. Four years on and I still have the pleasure to be working on the project, and this year sees the biggest change in style yet. Gone is the fire breathing dragon (I did love that guy), replaced with a gloriously epic image of the latest Hyundai i20 WRC car flying through the air.

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Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards is making huge leaps in the UK rally scene, and recently secured his place behind the wheel of the M-Sport built Swift Group Fiesta R5. He clearly needed an image to match his might out there on the UK's rally stages, so his brand was completely revised from scratch, and now does this rising rally star justice.

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Cambrian Rally X North Wales Car Club

It's not often I get given the task of creating a kind of joint-styling, that can be used for two different events alongside each other, or in isolation. The problem with the Cambrian Rally and NWCC was that the rally had an image that changed every year, and the car club didn't have its own distinct image, yet they held events throughout the year promoting both. I created a style that could be used every year, and would complement future Cambrian Rally's, as well as just look plain awesome.

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Proto Cars

A refreshing change from working with rally events or the drivers themselves, Proto Cars gave me the chance to work with a rally car manufacturer. This brand ended up sharing much of its DNA with the Matt Edwards brand (read: they're both sharp and pointy and look fast!) but is one of my favourite logos to date because of it's simplicity. It was a lot of fun experimenting with intersecting angles and lines, trying to create something that has a structure and reason behind its angular aesthetic.

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Involved in motorsport and looking for some awesome design?

I'm looking to work with more clients in the motorsport industry, so whether you're a driver looking to update your image, a drift event wanting a badass poster, or a car builder that needs a strong brand to represent your business, get in touch with me at jason@victoryoverall.co.uk