Solidarité / Solidarity


Disclaimer: I don't want this blog to become a place for my views on world affairs, but with the recent events in Paris I had to make a comment. My girlfriend happens to be French and with the whole family still living in France (some in Paris) it really had an impact on us. Normal service will resume shortly.

When atrocities strike close to our homes and hearts it's hard to comprehend. Many will turn to hate and revenge, but we instead need solidarity, not only now, and not only with our friends and loved ones in Paris, but with the rest of the human race who are subjected to these acts of terror daily. We need solidarity with our neighbouring countries, our neighbouring races, our neighbouring religions. Solidarity with those who are fleeing countries within the grip of terror, and with those who cannot flee. If we turn to hatred, turn against one another, they win. Don't let them win.