Frosty Welsh Mountains Photo Pack

A free to use photo pack from a cold hike through the epic Welsh mountains.



I often find myself blown away by the generosity of designers who give away free design resources like stock images, Photoshop brushes or even custom fonts, so I felt like I needed to return some of that generosity. I'll attempt to post free resources as and when I can, and hopefully there's some people out there who'll find these useful.



This first freebie is a photo pack that is fittingly made up of the photos I used to create the Victory Over All mountain image. I took these images whilst out for a refreshing walk with my French lady along the Idwal path. There's 10 photos in the pack and all are 4160px x 3120px, taken with my humble LG G3.



These are free to use, however redistribution or reselling is not permitted.

Whatever you end up using them for it'd be great to see what you've produced, so feel free to throw a link down in the comments.